An Underground Movement

There is a movement stirring in the Australian car community.
We are sick of having the wool pulled over our eyes.
At CPI we are car enthusiasts too.
We take pride in educating our clients.


 We Care For Your Car

png-badge_v3Our agents have many years of experience in tuning, testing, diagnostics and hardware installation. CPi gives our agents comprehensive manuals and operating procedures to allow us to tackle the kind of situations that might leave our competitors dazed and confused.Our tuning and diagnostic suite includes over a dozen different tools to make the job of Custom ECU Tuning a well orchestrated masterpiece.
While you may be familiar with a lot of brands who simply plug in a computer and upload a file, you may not be aware that CPi keeps a record of every single original file with a triple redundant backup system. We carefully calibrate your original file using our years of experience coupled with the expertise of our agents to create something truly special for each individual vehicle. Once this has been completed our experienced agents load and test the calibrations before the vehicle is handed back to you.
This might take more than the 20 minutes our competitors take, however, Rome wasn’t built in a day and a properly tuned car deserves more attention than pressing a button on a laptop.

What Do We Do?

Automotive customisation at its best.
Modifying vehicles takes passion, its an artform. A car enthusiast doesn’t just change their oil, they fill just the right amount of Motul 300V Chrono oil for the best possible performance. They don’t just install a new set of plugs, they install NGK’s BKR7EIX high performance iridium plugs for maximum spark. Tyres are not just a service item, they are a set of Kumho Ecsta V720s that keep you planted while you drive to the track. We don’t just buy the cheapest pad, we install the latest Bendix SRT low fade brake pads to keep up our stopping power.
Our software is the canvas, our hardware the paint and you are the artist. We work for you to create the car of your dreams. Whether you want to use your Accuair system to air out over your Rotiforms or you want to make some noise with your IPE Exhaust at a meet with your mates, we have the ability to make this happen. To finish it off, you bathe your car with a Snow Foam Lance to get it swirl-free and sparkling.
Whether you have a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Holden, Renault, VW or any of the other brands we look after, you can rest assured we have something for you. If you can think of it, we can probably get it, so don’t be scared to ask!


  • “had a great experience at cpi today got my mk6 gti tuned very happy with the work moey chahoud and giuseppe did for me the car is a animal now thanks boiz”

    – Efran

  • “Joe did an amazing job on my car at CPI and can’t believe the power he got from my car.”

    – Michael Pope

  • “Very happy with the CPI tune in my MK7 R, the mid range is sensational. A must do for any R owner”



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