CPI Meet-Up
For more than 15 years, we have provided only the best service, parts, products and software tuning to thousands of racers, drivers and enthusiasts from South Africa, Australia, and soon in New Zealand. We aim to please our clients by customizing each tuning and upgrade experience for their own car and driving experience. Once in a while, we sponsor events for our customers to meet with fellow enthusiasts who share the same passion and love for tuned cars Join us next time and see you soon!
Dyno Test Power Gain
No car is built the same, because no car is driven the same. With every driving experience, the need for more power, speed, and torque varies on the driver’s skill and the roads he’ll go to. Here in CPI, we don’t just tune your car and optimize it. We go beyond it. More than tuning, we offer advice and help on how you can achieve your ultimate driving experience with your CPI tuned car. All show and no go? We don’t think so.